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Low Poly Models Logo 3d


Indie Village

is excited to have been selected as a host site for Metaverse Art Week #metaverseartweek #mAW

is taking place in Decentraland from

August 24th to Aug 28th 2022.

Indie Village Decentraland entrance food truck low poly 3d

CADAF Building 3d model Decentraland

Concert Venue low poly in decentraland

Fame Lady Squad are celebrating Year 2

(and taking FLS into female hands!)

With a Concert...

Indie Village Decentraland Scene Building 3d model low poly

You can also party at Bored Becky's and Fierce Studios.

Fierce Studios Bored Becky Decentraland Scene

Fierce Studio Store In Decentraland

Indie Village Street Decentraland

Indie Village is A cultural playground IN the metaverse where avatars can enjoy virtual experiences combining

art, music, social clubs, and fashion.

Indie Village Decentraland Estate Building 3d model low poly

The Indie Village Great Lawn will showcase 3D and animated pieces by Snowfro, Arrechea and XELEVEN.

Soho Row Indie Village Decentraland 3d model

Indie Village’s SoHo Row, curated by Jess Conatser of Studio As We Are, will feature works by Breezy Art, theVERSEverse, and more

Token Traxx 3d Modeled Building in Decentraland

Token Traxx has entered the metaverse.

Come learn more about how you can “own your sound”

3d modeled low poly recording studio in Decentraland

Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) Gallery presents #RETOUCHED, curated by Raina Mehler and Olive Allen and available for sale on the #CADAF marketplace.

CADF in Decentraland 3d Model Scene interior

Infinite Objects 3D Building in Decentraland

Infinite Objects presents Women of the World, NFT artwork from talented women from all seven continents.

3D Design Studio Low Poly Models Sign In Decentraland

Low Poly Models is Proud to have Brought you the 3d Modeling Decoration and architecture for this Scene.

For more from #LPM #LowPolyModels we invite you to Click the Link Below.


Very Special Thanks to : Bill Burns - Managing Director {Indie Villages}, Gigi Graziosi Casimiro PR and Event Marketing {#DCL #MAW Lead}, Jess Conatser & Bay Backner {of and}, the art curators for the event. #Decentraland Location: 100,30


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