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What can you make in 2D?

Logos, banners, posters, POAPs, NFTs, textures, patterns and more. We have a background in Fine Arts.

How long does it take?

It depends on the complexity of your project and our schedule when you get in touch. In every case we will endeavour to deliver the best possible quality in the shortest possible timeframe.

Do I need to reserve or pay a deposit?

Yes, given current demand we recommend you make a reservation in order to save a spot in our schedule.


In order to make a reservation, we ask that you provide a 30% deposit of the initial project estimate. Please feel free to get in touch for further information, we would be happy to discuss your project confidentially.

what can you make in 3D?

Buildings, environments, characters, wearables, games, renders, products and videos - whatever you need.

do you make animated models?

Yes, we do. Models can have one or several animations which can be triggered to act at different times, adding life to a scene.

Do you offer retainer services?

If you're looking for new design content on a regular basis, you may be interested in our retainer services. We can reserve a certain number of hours each month to dedicate to your project. 


Please get in touch for further information we can schedule a meeting to discuss your project's requirements confidentially and how our services could help. 

what does the process look like?

We usually start with a meeting to discuss a project and define your objectives, at this point we can provide a cost and time estimate based on your requirements.


If you decide to go ahead with us, we ask for a 30% deposit before adding your project to our schedule and starting work. We then provide a first draft of the project based on your requirements for your feedback. After going through your feedback we provide a second draft and a third if required.


Once you are happy with the look of the model we can finalise the smaller details and send you the files in your preferred format. When you are happy with the result and have received the files we ask that you pay the remaining 70%. 

do you take commissions?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch and we'll gladly schedule a meeting to discuss your project. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept some cryptocurrencies, Paypal and bank transfers. 

If using crypto, please know that we charge in realtime USD value.

If paying via PayPal please add PayPal Standard Online Transaction Fees (check for latest PayPal fees to be sure of final cost.)

feel free to get in touch with further questions

We'll get back to you as soon as possible

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How much content can I put in my scene?

The amount of content you can add to a scene depends on the amount of parcels you're working with. For each Decentraland LAND, you can have 10000 triangles, which are the building blocks of 3D content. For reference, a cube is made up of 12 triangles.


There's also a limit to the amount of textures and materials that can be used in each parcel, please see this table for further information.

what file types does decentraland support?

Decentraland supports 3D files in .glb and .gltf formats, though .glb files are generally recommended due to being lighter in data.

Can I make my own 3D assets for DCL?

Of course, everyone can make content for Decentraland.


You'll need a basic understanding of 3D software, we recommend the open-source programme Blender, and an understanding of the platform.


Feel free to check out the official Decentraland Docs and our video tutorial series on Building For Decentraland.

DCL Tutorial Videos

How do I upload files to DCL?

There are a couple of different methods you can use to publish content to Decentraland if you have LAND. The most user friendly way is via the Builder, a tool which allows you to drag and drop 3D models onto your LAND. There's also the builder in world, a new feature which works in a similar manner and can be done directly in Decentraland - perfect for collaborative building or playing.


If you're looking to add more advanced features to your scene, such as an NFT access wall or other mechanics, please refer to the SDK. The Decentraland Software Development Kit is an ever-growing coding language and compiler which can be used to programme just about anything in Decentraland. You can install the Decentraland SDK by following the steps here and there are many open-source repositories on GitHub that can help you develop scenes.

José Delbo's Death Character as a DCL Wearable Collection
MetaDrip Infusion Decentraland Wearables collection by Low Poly Models and OhhhTazzy.

what are decentraland wearables?

Decentraland Wearables are NFTs that can be worn by avatars on the Decentraland platform. They aren't clothes in the traditional sense so your imagination is the limit - if you can describe it, we can make it. 

They are ERC-721 tokens and, since 2021, they are published on the Matic/Polygon sidechain. This is better for the environment than other blockchain networks and has a lower gas fee for users.

How do I submit DCL wearables?

Wearables can be submitted to the Decentraland platform directly via the Builder

You'll need to connect your digital wallet to the site and go to the 'collections' tab.  Create a new collection and upload your wearables as .glb files. You can add a title, description and hashtags before submitting your collection for review by pressing 'submit collection'. 

For further information, take a look here


Creating wearables for Decentraland can be a time consuming process depending on the complexity of the collection and if modifications are requested. 

The work itself can take between one day and a couple of weeks to complete from the scheduled start of a project.  

Collections are usually reviewed by The Wearables Curation Committee within ten days, though it can take longer if there is an influx in submissions. 

Who can submit DCL wearables?

Anyone can submit wearables to the Decentraland platform.


All wearables go through an approval process before they are minted as NFTs. As long as they work on the platform, are within the limits, and don't include any potentially offensive or copyright material, wearables are approved by the Decentraland Curators Committee. 

What fees should I expect?

The cost of submitting wearables to the Decentraland platform is 500 Matic MANA per original item. 

In other words, if you submit a green T-shirt and decide to mint 1000 copies, the fee is 500 Matic MANA. If you submit a green T-shirt and a matching hat and choose to mint 100 copies of each, the cost is 1000 Matic MANA.

What types of item can be submitted?

Each Decentraland Wearable needs to fit into one of the following categories. 

  • Earring

  • Eyewear

  • Facial Hair

  • Feet

  • Hair

  • Hat

  • Helmet

  • Lower Body

  • Mask

  • Upper Body

  • Tiara

  • Top Head

  • Skin (full-body wearable)

New categories can be proposed to the DAO and voted on by the community. Further information can be found here.

do you take commissions?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch and we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your project. 

How many wearables can I mint?

Each Decentraland Wearable has a property called rarity which determines the maximum amount of items that can be minted. 


DCL has the following rarities:

  • Unique:  1

  • Mythic:  10

  • Legendary:  100

  • Epic:  1000

  • Rare:  5000

  • Uncommon:  10000

  • Common:  100000

how do i make dcl wearables?

Making wearables for Decentraland is a unique process. 

You can find a video that outlines the wearable creation process here and further information in these documents

2D + 3D Assets FAQ
3D Assets for DCL FAQ
DCL Wearables FAQ


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