Low Poly Models specialise in developing high quality 3D assets in the smallest possible data packages. 


This makes assets load faster and improves the overall experience for everyone - ideal for blockchain metaverses like Decentraland.

Let's Work Together

decentraland wearable by Low Poly Models World


We are glad to offer years of experience designing 2D and 3D graphics.  Our background is in Fine Arts and we specialise in Art and Technology, creating all sorts of design assets for companies, organisations and individuals. 

Feel free to take a look at our portfolio, FAQ and please get in touch. We'd be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.


Many of the projects we work on are related to Decentraland, the first community-owned metaverse. We have spent recent years developing and refining skills specific to creating 3D assets for this blockchain virtual reality platform.  During that time we've had the pleasure of working with amazing teams such as Atari, the Decentraland Foundation, Playboy, and Alison Wonderland's The WonderQuest. 

We are also proud to liase with incredible coders who can help implement just about anything in the metaverse. With their assistance, our 3D assets can form the building blocks of games, concerts, light shows, exclusive events and more. 

We are happy to offer personalised recommendations and can also liase with developers on your behalf, so you can sit back and relax. 


We're honoured to have created many Decentraland Wearables. We are familiar with the submission and approval process given experience on the Curators Committee. Feel free to take a look at some of the wearables we've created here.


Please check our FAQ to learn more about Decentraland Wearables and get in touch if you would like to schedule a project from a cap to a full collection.



Last Slice Decentraland Wearables, created by Low Poly Models and Lastraum of the Last Slice Collective

some words from our clients...

"Low Poly Models executes our ideas flawlessly, they're detail oriented and extremely professional. They always welcome every challenge that our creative process might bring to them."

 - Alì Álvarez, @21Infinito