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The Low Poly Models team specialise in developing high quality custom 3D assets like wearables, NPC's and-or-gamified scenes in the smallest possible data packages. They have been in Decentraland working closely with the community and 'The Decentraland Foundation' since early 2019. Low Poly Models has been creating scenes and asset packs, as well as curating wearables via the Curation Committee. The team is very familiar with the ecosystem for wearable approvals, voting, and community events. They focus on making graphics load faster to improve the overall experience for both brand and user. Customisation and compaction like this is ideal for open source metaverses like Decentraland.


Low Poly Models Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With Brands Such As :
Adidas, Fred Segal, Atari, Subnation, BBC, RTFKT,
Coca-Cola, Playboy, Alison Wonderland, Jose Delbo, Known Origin, SuperRare, Mintbase, Async Art, $Whale, $MEME, Eden Reforestation Projects, Maserati, NonFungible, NIVA, CNN Brasil, Decentraland... 

Indie Village Events Venue retrofitted for the Fame Lady Squad takeover anniversary celebrated in Decentraland on 12 August 2022.  Jump in at DCL coordinates 100,30.  Created by FGR3D of Low Poly Models with creative direction of the incredible FLS team.

Fame Lady Squad | Events Venue | Indie Village                                                                  See in 3d

NonFungible Headquarters in Decentraland metaverse platform, featuring a basement library, ground floor with animated sculpture, first and second floors with data sets and a rooftop auditorium.  Jump in at DCL coordinates -130,-64  3D model by FGR3D and KJ of Low Poly Models with creative assistance from JessieJess of NonFungible, and coding assistance from Lastraum of Last Slice and The Decentraland Foundation.  Check out NonFungible’s blogpost The HQ in Decentraland is now open!

Non Fungible HeadQuarters | Decentraland                                                                        See in 3d

Subnation Alpha Visor converted to a Decentraland Wearable for Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, part of the Artcade @ Fred Segal collection.  Available for purchase here.  Recreated by FGR3D and KJ of Low Poly Models.

Subnation Alpha Visor | DCL Wearable                                                                                    See in 3d

Atari Hotels 2600 Jacket converted to a Decentraland Wearable for Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, part of the Artcade @ Fred Segal collection.  Available for purchase here.  Recreated by FGR3D and KJ of Low Poly Models.

Atari Hotels | 2600 Jacket |DCL Wearable                                                                            See in 3d

Alison Wonderland’s Temple of Wonderland in Decentraland decorated for Rita and Andre’s wedding in the metaverse, featured in the documentary Amor em tempos de metaverso | Metalove by CNN Brasil.  Created by KJ of Low Poly Models and coded by Lastraum of Last Slice and The Decentraland Foundation.

cnn Brasil | Wedding Venue | Decentraland                                                                        See in 3d

Indie Village is a project under development in Decentraland that aims to connect people with NIVA venues and supporting artists, independent boutiques, art galleries, social clubs and more.  Jump into the growing Indie Village development at DCL coordinates 100,30.  Created by FGR3D, Difool and KJ of Low Poly Models, coded by various people including Inihility, Lastraum, Patmacs and Jusdem.

Indie Village | Decentraland Development                                                                           See in 3d


Meet The Team

KJ | 3D Artist and Founder of Low Poly Models | Fascinated by art and tech 7+ years experience in 3D art, 10+ years experience in Fine Art and Design 3+ years coding experience (Decentraland SDK; typescript) Holds a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, internship at Christie’s, London Formerly part of The Decentraland Foundation Content Team and full time cat mum.

Inihility | Programmer + Game Developer | Passionate about interactive media and technology Over 7 years software development experience Masters of Science in Multimedia Entertainment Technology from Hong Kong Polytechnic University Currently a Senior Game Developer at Ethermon Loves gaming and staying active in his free time Assists Low Poly Models with coding and game design.

FGR3D | Exceptional 3D Generalist | Specialised in modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and optimisation. He has been working with LPM since 2019. He has a background in electrotechnical equipment and installation, working as a wind turbine technician for over a decade, until he learned what can be created in Decentraland. Now he is a self-taught 3D artist known for his special attention to details. In his free time he likes spending time with friends and colleagues and playing the guitar. FGR3D is also passionate about new technologies, different art forms and loves making content for the metaverse.

MaHa | 3D Artist + Architect | Archviz specialist, Metaverse enthusiast. Bachelor's Degree in Architecture Engineering from Azad University of Lahijan.

Rachel Woolston | Admin + Accounts Queen | Avid Organiser and administrator Studied English, accounting and business management Over 20 years’ experience Loves skiing, scuba diving, staying fit and healthy - oh, and my beloved dog, Charlie.

Leticia Cabrera Cervantes | Accounting + Tax | Degree in Economic + Business Sciences Member of the Almería Administrative Managers Association Master’s degree in Tax Consultancy An Expert in Labour Law, Payroll and Social Security Over ten years’ experience Assists Low Poly Models with Accounting and Tax Advice

José Luis Contreras | 3D Animator + Character Designer | An animation enthusiast ever since I saw Jurassic Park I have a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and a Masters’ in Animation from Kandor Graphics I started 3D modelling and animating in 2009 In my free time I love going to concerts Assists Low Poly Models with animation and character design.

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