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Unlock the Potential of Decentraland

10 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Next Masterpiece Here

( or Hire Us to Do it for You! )

3d modeled wrench and screwdriver with the words Low Poly Models engraved into them

  1. Decentralized technology: Decentraland operates on blockchain technology, giving you the peace of mind that your content is secure, and can't be taken down or censored by any centralized authority. Decentraland operates on a DAO ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’. The DAO is controlled by voting, and assures that control stays in the hands of the creators and users with vested interests.

  2. Monetization opportunities: Decentraland is on the ethereum blockchain and utilizes its own native crypto token called Mana. DCL enables creators to monetize their content through cryptocurrency and blockchain contracts, allowing you the potential to earn revenue from your creations.

  3. Endless possibilities: The virtual world of Decentraland is limited only by your imagination. From architecture that wouldn’t work in the real world to games, concerts and events, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse.

  4. User engagement: Decentraland allows for a more immersive and interactive experience, resulting in higher user engagement and enjoyment of your content.

  5. Access to a growing community: Decentraland has a growing community of creators and users, giving you access to a potential new audience for your content.

  6. Customizable avatars: Decentraland allows users to personalize their avatars, which opens up opportunities for unique and creative wearables designs and branded content.

  7. Interactivity: Decentraland allows for interactive elements in your content, such as animations, or NPC’s which can talk or interact making your creations stand out.

  8. Low barriers to entry: Decentraland's user-friendly interface and open-source technology make it easy for anyone to learn how to create and publish content.

  9. Potential for VR-based services: Decentraland is a great platform for virtual reality-based services like virtual real estate, virtual shopping, and virtual events.

  10. Cost-effective: Building content in Decentraland is cost-effective as you don't need expensive equipment to create and host your content.

So why wait? Start building your next masterpiece in Decentraland today, or hire us to bring your ideas to life! With our expertise in Decentraland, we can create unique and engaging experiences for your brand, such as:

-Interactive architecture, such as the building we designed for Varbarian where we created a fully-navigable virtual store with various floors and interactive features, including an NFT token-gated lounge.

-Engaging games, such as the games we created for Alison Wonderland Presents The Wonderquest where we developed a series of games that utilized Decentraland's interactivity features to create unique and immersive experiences. For instance, an escape room, a treasure hunt, a battle against fire and a puzzle with exclusive audio stems by Alison Wonderland.

-Memorable events, such as Metaverse Art Week where we enjoyed executing a large scale virtual event with Indie Village and art curator Jess Conatser. The project involved several galleries, outdoor art installations, a main events venue and viewpoints that utilized Decentraland's technology to display different forms of art in a whole new way.

See More of Our Work HERE on our Sketchfab Explore the possibilities in...


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