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Terms and Conditions


1. Quotations/Estimates:

1.1 All prices given are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quotation/estimate.

1.2 Where there is uncertainty about any of the information supplied, the client should contact LowPolyModels (hereinafter known as LPM) to further discuss and LPM will work to explain any element which is not clear.


1.3 Prices do not include any changes to the original designs aside from specified iterations. Other changes will be subject to an extra charge and will be quoted for separately. 

1.4 All work will be undertaken by a member of the LPM team or one of its trusted freelancers, under the strict supervision of LPM.


2. Variations to Agreement:

2.1 Where final quotations are given, the price will remain at the agreed price unless additional work is requested OR where LPM has uncovered unforeseen issues; those which have not been reasonably possible to determine before work has started. In all such circumstances, all costs will be discussed and agreed upon between both parties, in writing, before any work is undertaken.

3. Contracts:

3.1 If a contract for a project to be signed by us is necessary, the contract must be provided and agreed upon before commencement of work.

3.2 The inclusion of penalty clauses in contracts may not surpass 50% of the contract value, barring exceptional circumstances. Our commitment to honouring agreements remains steadfast, aiming to avoid financial strain resulting from misunderstandings or technicalities. Project confidentiality is our priority, unless explicitly requested otherwise, thile delivering our highest quality work.

4. Time Frames:

4.1 Wherever possible LPM will provide a date when work will be undertaken and advise how long a project is likely to take to complete.

4.2 Please be aware that where LPM encounters unexpected delays, through no direct fault of its own, notification of this will be given as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.

5. Payment Terms:

5.1 LPM will require a deposit and/or stage payments where additional personnel are necessary to accommodate timescales. This will not exceed more than 50% of the total. The standard deposit is 30%, to be paid prior to the start of the project with the remainder beoming due once the necessary files are received and the result is approved. This will be fully advised at the time of a final quotation being provided.


5.2 LPM requires full payment upon satisfactory completion of the work. An invoice will be received from LPM confirming completion and settlement of the invoice is required within ten days. 


5.3 Payments are to be made by bank transfer, PayPal or accepted Crypto-currencies; payment charges may not be deducted from the final amount. Please use client name and invoice number as reference.


5.4 In accordance with Spanish law, all invoices must include a company registration number, tax identification number or individual identification number for all clients. Please contact us if you are unsure of the information to provide for invoicing.


5.5  All ideas, designs and items made by LMP are copyrighted by us and there-fore cannot be used, advertised, sold or displayed without our prior permission and until paid for in full. 



6. Guarantees:


6.1 LPM provides three months guarantee on all designs undertaken by LPM. Where there may be a fault with the platform or updates outside the control of LPM, it cannot be held responsible for any future design malfunction or performance unless it can be shown the fault has occurred as a direct result of LPM's design.


6.2 While we make every effort to address platform disruptions, we cannot assume liability for such occurences. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to actively seeking solutions. We take responsibility for the work entrusted to us.



7. Mutual Protection and Transparency:


7.1 LPM may use social media platforms to post snapshots of work prior to launch without knowingly revealing client information, branding, logos, colours or other identifiable features, unless otherwise requested. This offers POW (Proof Of Work) from time of starting a project, rather than time of launch. The benefit to LPM and its clients is full transparency in what we do, more visibility for past, present and future projects, and also avoides possible future plagiarism claims by proving when designs and work started on a project.


7.2 Once a project is launched, LPM may release social media posts with the design created and tag the client in them, unless otherwise requested. Please email if you do not wish your completed project to be included on our website and/or social media accounts.

Customer Charter

It is our intention, as a business, to provide excellent service for an honest price. We will endeavour to ensure we always meet your expectations. However, there may be occasion where you are not happy with an element of the service which we provide to you. If this is the case, please contact LPM and ask to speak with KJ Walker who will endeavour to work with you to rectify any problem where possible. 

We aim to respond to any complaint within three days. Once we have investigated your complaint thoroughly, and if we agree the issue is as a direct result of an error of ours, we will adivse you of what action appropriate we will take to resolve the issue. We aim to complete any action required within 28 days. 

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