Products and Services

3D Modelling

Digital models of environments, creatures, buildings and more.

2D Art and Design

Images and videos, from concept art to promotional content, including NFTs.

3D Animation

Dynamic 3D models, such as animated buildings, creatures and environmental effects.

Game Design

User interface (UI), user experience (UX) and project development.

Game Character Creation


We've had the honor of collaborating with some incredible teams on previous designs, such as the Decentraland Foundation and Eden Reforestation Projects. We're proud to present some images of our work below and hope to add your project to our portfolio soon.

"The team at Low Poly Models World are Decentraland and Low Poly 3D superstars, working with Katherine was the best decision I possibly could have made to bring Lemursiv to life, Katherine is an excellent communicator, dedicated to producing superb quality, professional and on time.  Highly recommended."